Low and Slow

"I am new to this, I have some fear, please explain!"

In this case, you've heard from others or the media about the benefits of micro or macrodosing but aren't quite sure if it's right for you. You aren't currently under the care of a mental health professional, and notice some resistance to adding yet another thing on your plate but you know something needs to shift. You might be on medication and it's no longer working and you might reach to vices to calm your nervous system. 

In cases like this, the focus will be to establish trust with the medicine and build rapport together; we might suggest a six-week microdosing protocol to begin the relationship. In our consultation, we will give you all of the information you need to feel prepared for this experience. 

Sure, Why Not?

“I am under the care of a mental health practitioner and have experienced many healing modalities, but never anything involving psychedelics."

In this case, you have some tools in your tool-belt and a whisper of curiosity about mushrooms in the back of your mind. You likely already have a wellness routine and perhaps a spiritual practice, but might be finding yourself plateauing and want something to support you to sink in deeper. You might also have a baseline level of grief and/or are reckoning with the state of the world. Or you are looking for that creative boost to help you meet your goal of completing 100 paintings this year.

Whatever the case may be, we will start with a consultation. A six week protocol might be best to start with, then you can decide if you're ready to prepare for a deeper session. 

Seasoned and Ready

“I have experienced dimensional travel but never under guidance." 

Chances are, you found us because you caught wind of the profundity of your friend's session and it reminded you of your own past experiences of expanded states of consciousness. Perhaps you have a daily meditation practice or regular healing practice along with a robust community network including mental health professionals who are clued in about your desire to explore your mind and are happily part of your integration team. You are ready and committed to prepare for a guided macro session. 

We will start with a call to answer preliminary questions and set dates for your journey + two required preparation calls (1.5 hours each), generally planned four weeks and ten days before your session. We might also suggest a microdosing protocol a few weeks after your session to help with integration. 

Yearly Maintenance

“I am ready to see what the medicine wants to show me this time." 

You've been integrating your last experience and feel called to ask the teachers for deeper insight regarding a specific topic in life. You have deep respect for the medicine and enter humbly back into the preparation period, remembering your tools from last time. You have noticed a shift in your sense of purpose, and you feel greater empathy and compassion for others around you. However, you could use a reminder as the ego tends to forget. 

We too need this maintenance and humbly look to the teachers for these reminders. We look forward to welcoming you back, and we will plan our schedules similarly to your last session- though the prep calls will now each be an hour, with a deeper focus on your present intentions for the upcoming experience.