Microdosing with Quantum Connection's full stack has been a pleasant and helpful experience for me. Immediately after starting the protocol, I found that I was more in touch with the best version of myself. Instead of reacting quickly, I was able to respond intentionally to situations. It was as if the fear part of my brain was somehow relaxed and replaced with a hopeful part. If you're considering the medicine, I'd also add that a little went a long way for me - after about two months, I felt that I'd internalized its lessons and no longer needed to take it regularly.


I'm sitting in this still heat taking in another day of the waves - it's so good to have you here and have this rooted knowledge act on, and in, something steady, deepening and opening up spaces to allow the innate in me ((and the collective beyond human we)) to bubble up bringing moments of clarity, poise, poignancy, playfulness, new perceptions and willingness to question our ways of being - the function and form of stress - the selves we present and deny. So far it's been a calming and spacious friendship and one I hope to keep cultivating. I feel the care and the craft from all directions.          


After a number of sessions of NET, along with reading two books, combined with microdosing, I am thrilled to report my success in removing myself from the endless cycle of anti-depressants to treat my anxiety. Part of the protocol is a 2 week break from microdosing, after 6 weeks. I am in one of those breaks now and dealing successfully with low level anxiety that I am able to handle with no drug support. 

My work in this area is not complete, I know, but I have learned the skills to manage on my own. I do look forward to continuing the microdosing after my 2 week break. I feel so confident of Sea's guidance and in the purity of the medicine, and am experiencing such an improved level of emotional stability that I anticipate a successful and enjoyable ongoing association.  


After years of talk and somatic therapy I was ready to try something different. My entryway into mushroom healing magic with Elley felt supportive, grounded, and incredibly safe. After just a couple of weeks I found myself releasing habits that no longer served me and felt a deep sense of empowered self-healing. I’m grateful to add this sweet healing modality to my tool box. 


My microdosing journey with Sea has truly deepened my sense of presence. While I wouldn't say that this journey has somehow miraculously rid myself of the compulsory behaviors tied to my anxiety/depression/ADHD (and general being human-ness), I have noticed so much more spaciousness around these patterns. I am very aware of the sensations, feelings, thoughts, and energetic signatures of these patterns when they arise. And I've softened tremendously in how I relate to them, which creates space to approach each pattern with curiosity, care, and understanding. From this I've noticed that most of the behaviors that pull me into trance/away from presence are actually a form of protection---an attempt to remain in control and avoid the pain and loss that comes with uncertainty. Microdosing has helped me realize that I no longer need this protection, and has allowed me to surrender control to restore my faith in our multidimensional reality. I can allow for the pain, grief, bliss, and so forth to be part of the process of freeing myself from the illusion of aloneness and returning to the truth of our inherent multiveral belonging. 


I spoke to Sea during a period of uncertainty and experimentation and am wholly glad for it. The experience of microdosing, with their guidance and facilitation as I adjusted my dose, and later extended my regimen in light of difficult life events, was a wonderfully transformative time in my life. And I can honestly say it's led me to open myself up to more of these experiences wherever they find me while moving through and living life. 

I highly recommend trying out microdosing if you're on the fence, especially if you're working through and attempting to heal complex trauma, it'll change your life for the better. 


Sea was the best journey guide I could have hoped to work with. They prepared me with videos, articles, zoom prep & support, helped me get clear on my intentions and discussed with me what I might expect during and following my journey. 

On the day of my guided psilocybin adventure, Sea prepared a space that would become a very comfortable little nest for me for the next few hours. They tended to every detail and every need I would have throughout my journey. My journey's theme became that of self-forgiveness, tearfully and with so much more insight than I ever expected. Through it all, Sea held space for me, and wrote down things I wanted to remember. As my journey came to its end, Sea provided delicious snacks and we went over the notes I had asked them to keep for me. In the days that followed, Sea checked in on my integration process and I felt very cared for. I highly recommend Sea as a guide. I referred my parents and friends. 


I came to Sea in a time of desperation when I was in a deep depression and anxiety spiral. I felt like I had lost myself and I didn’t know how to come back and I was feeling very numb. I had tried many things but barely had the energy and capacity to make any big changes that might help, and I was considering either psilocybin micro-dosing or going on SSRIs, etc. 

I decided to give starting a micro-dosing protocol a try under the consultation and care of Sea, and I can say confidently it’s one of the best decisions I have ever made. It has been nothing short of life changing and has been a profound way of showing up for myself. It felt like a deep fog was lifting and I started to see the lightness, joy, and wonder again in my day-to-day. I began to feel like my old self again - but better, even! I starting feeling creative and curious again and regained my energy to be able to improve other aspects of my life which has snowballed into strengthening my ability to self regulate, having a foundational trust in myself, having an abundance mindset, and embarking on things I’ve only ever dreamed of.

Sea helped walk me through the journey, tailored and adjusted the protocol to suit my needs, and made recommendations to adjust my supplement stack to work in harmony with the medicine. I felt all around supported and at ease. I’m now able to intuitively use the medicine regularly and as needed, and it always grounds me and reminds me of the most loving, beautiful, and important things.


Having grown frustrated over the years with clinical approaches to depression, Sea's care and treatment plan was a breath of fresh air. Thanks to Sea, I have new ways of thinking about things. 


I am grateful to have met Sea and have them be my guide while I went through the process of weaning off pharmaceuticals, starting microdosing protocols, and going on a journey. I had enjoyed psychedelics recreationally but the guided journey is a deep and spiritual experience. Sea's presence from our initial meeting and through the entire process felt like my soul was gently cupped in their protective and loving hands. They were very clear and gave great information for every step of the process and answered all my questions with honesty. They explained how things may feel and how they would hold the space for me. Sea provided the stability to let go of the "baggage" I was holding onto. Sea is very knowledgeable, kind, gentle, and amazing at holding space for this type of work. Thank you Sea!!


When I started the protocol, I felt beyond help. I knew there was no magic pill I could take to solve my problems, but I really underestimated how much just THINKING differently could help me. I felt no discernibly different, but I was suddenly able to focus on the world outside of myself. My problems, while still very much real and present, were no longer the center of the universe. I was able to function like a normal person again, and the people around me started to notice that I “seemed better.” Not that I was on drugs, but that I was more myself. And over time, my intentions for why I was doing the protocol shifted too. The first week I was focused on what I hoped to think and feel, but by the third week, I was thinking more about how I wanted to show up in the world and treat people. I really never thought I’d be able to “get out of my own head,” but I feel like this has given me the ability to finally do that, and get on with living my life. Even two months off, I’m still feeling the positive effects of all that it’s done for me.